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Thanks to everyone who’s visited Institute 193 to try Chef Johnny Shipley’s Korean pa-jeon kimchi belly pancakes during SANDWICH SHOP 2. Prepared fresh in the gallery from 12-2 PM, Shipley’s pa-jeon are smeared with a kimchi mayonnaise, loaded with cabbage and cucumber, and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. Just $5, all proceeds go to support the mission of Institute 193. SANDWICH SHOP 2 will run until October 26.

The Sandwich Shop crowd on 10/23.

The artist Clint Colburn making a mess.

Pa-jeon lovers enjoying the sunshine.


Sandwich Shop 2 from Coleman Guyon on Vimeo.

Institute 193 is pleased to announce a new collaborative project with chef Johnny Shipley, titled SANDWICH SHOP 2. Shipley will prepare pa-jeon kim chi belly pancakes that will be available in Institute 193’s gallery from 12-2 PM, October 22-26.

Pa-jeon are Korean pancakes made with eggs, rice flour, and scallions. Shipley’s version will also include carrots, kim chi, and pork belly.

The pa-jeon will be for sale for $5 each. All proceeds support the mission of Institute 193—to advance the careers of contemporary Southern artists and enrich the cultural landscape of central Kentucky.

In 2010, Shipley collaborated with Institute 193 on the first SANDWICH SHOP, serving banh mi sandwiches in Institute 193’s gallery space. It was such a hit we thought we’d do it again.