Carmichael’s Bookstore. Mendes. January 29.

From the Carmichael’s Bookstore website:

“On Saturday, January 29th at 4 PM we are delighted to host an event for photographer Guy Mendes for the new book called 40 / 40: 40 Years, 40 Portraits. As the title suggests, the book features 40 photographic portraits of people, each remarkable for the way Mendes is able to capture the essence of that person. Some of the subjects are well known to us and others from elsewhere in the South. Each photograph is accompanied by a short essay providing background on the shot. As a special treat, Mendes will be joined at this event by cellist and friend, Ben Sollee, who will play a few tunes. One of the portraits in the book is Ben Sollee, and Mendes also took the photograph featured on the cover of the Sollee / Daniel Martin Moore album, Dear Companion.”

Carmichael’s Bookstore
2720 Frankfort Ave
Louisville, Kentucky 40206
United States of America

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