Charles Williams’ Photo Album

Charles Williams, a native of Blue Diamond, Kentucky, created a vast body of work that included photography, comics, paintings, sculptures and an environmental installation and home that he referred to as Silo #3. Institute 193 and Land of Tomorrow are pleased to present the first comprehensive solo-exhibition of the late Williams’ work. This multi-venue approach will provide the viewer with an overall presentation of the artist‘s work and will feature pieces spanning the entirety of his career. Land of Tomorrow will house larger, environmental works while Institute 193 will focus on the artist’s more intimate creations. Williams, a mercurial character who escapes easy definition, had an untold influence on the local art community that will finally be illuminated by this exhibition.

“I got me this place here and decided to do something with it. I have always had art on my mind and wanted to do something out front there that I hadn’t heard of no other person doing. I fixed up the trees to give them some new life, some color, one idea got another idea and so on down the line, each idea kept building into another idea.”

This slideshow features personal photographs taken by Williams. Special thanks to the Arnett Collection and the Kentucky Folk Art Center.

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