Travis Shaffer @ LOT

Institute 193 is pleased to announce a show featuring new works by Travis Shaffer, a local photographer and bookmaker. He is a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky’s MFA program and will be showing at Institute 193 in the late summer. His most recent exhibition, Every Church in Fayette County, was installed at Land of Tomorrow (LOTLEX) in Lexington. We are posting images and video from the show and are partnering with Shaffer to sell the remaining church photos. Photos are bought for an “offering” of the buyer’s choice and are only available at Institute 193.

About the work:

Every Church in Fayette County is an art experience that consists of the display of nearly 300 photographic prints, one of each of the churches in Fayette County, KY. Upon Entry each guest will receive an offering envelope, at that point they will have the option of choosing a single print from the show. Upon choosing the visitors will remove the print from the wall, fill out the offering envelope, and if they so desire give a donation as purchase for the work, though this is not required. This, the inaugural EC.o exhibition will set the precedent for future exhibitions and is a means of fund raising for future EC.o projects including exhibitions and the publication of books for each project.

Fayette County is located in Central Kentucky. In 1974, Fayette County merged with Lexington, creating a consolidated city-county governed by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. Thus all residents of the county have a Lexington, KY Address. Fayette county has a total area of 286 square miles and a population of 282,114 (in 2008). Nestled on the edge of “the bible belt” Fayette County is home to approx. 300 Churches, approx. 1 church per 800 residents, and over 1 church per square mile.

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