193 Sound + WRFL Presents: Max Eilbacher/Headband

Institute 193 and WRFL 88.1FM’s 193 Sound series returns in 2017 with two performances from Baltimore based musicians Max Eilbacher and Headband on Jan. 27.

Max Eilbacher is an electronic musician who plays in the band Horselords and is a frequent collaborator with acclaimed electronic duo Matmos. He has released music on the Spectrum Spools and NNA Tapes labels. He will be presenting a new piece for Quadrophonic sound.

Headband is the solo project of Duncan Moore. Using sampling, reel to reel tape, and voice, Moore’s live performances verge on performance art, pushing abstract sound into the theatrical.

In collaboration with Alexander Moskos (Drainolith) Moore and Eilbacher both contributed to the 2016 LP “SEF III”, released by Ehse records out of Baltimore. https://ehserecords.bandcamp.com/album/sef-iii


Max Eilbacher and Headband#7 Max Eilbacher and Headband#5 Max Eilbacher and Headband#4 Max Eilbacher and Headband#2 JAN28_CONCERTMax Eilbacher and Headband#3Max Eilbacher and Headband#6

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