193 Sound + WRFL: Itasca (5/31)



For the fifth installment in the 193 Sound/WRFL concert series on May 31st, we were joined by LA based Itasca. Behind this musical identity is singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kayla Cohen, who’s refine musical abilities allow her to create a sound that alludes to multiple genres at once.

In this performance, Cohen was joined by steel pedal player and regular collaborator Dave McPeters. Their presence was humble, met by the attentive seated audience that filled the remaining gallery space. Though this was the only date of the tour that didn’t feature the full band, the performance left nothing to be desired. Backed by her own finger-style guitar playing and the meditative steel-pedal work of McPeters, Cohen delivered haunting but subtle vocal musings that were honest and introspective in the same. Each song maintained and recreated a dewy sunsetting atmosphere that surrounded the audience. It was a performance where each member of the audience was able to interpret the set as something completely unique from the person sitting next to them.


We are looking forward to next months installment in the 193 Sound/WRFL series. Keep an eye out for information regarding July’s show on our Facebook page.

—Lizzie Gray

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