Visit to Lebanon Junction

Before the opening of Lloyd “Hog” Mattingly’s exhibition at Institute 193, I took a road trip to Lebanon Junction, KY with photographer Guy Mendes and his friend and fellow photographer, David Coyle. We wanted to walk through the place that Mattingly once called home. I was very curious to see how many of the buildings he modeled are still in existence and, if so, how closely they resemble the miniatures.

The answer is this: not very many and not very much. The town has apparently changed quite a bit since Hog was a child, which is understandable considering he grew up in the 1920s and 30s (almost a hundred years ago!).

A huge thanks to Guy for the lovely photos of the trip:


Mattingly’s model of the above building is on view at Institute 193.


“The Junction.” Yep, this is THE Junction.


The photograph above is of what is pretty much the middle of town. This road is Lebanon Junction’s main thoroughfare. It actually sees a fair amount of traffic on any given day since it connects a couple of larger highways. So there are many passers-through on this street — but still not a single traffic light in town.

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Most of the homes in Lebanon Junction are like this one — quaint, quiet, and well-kept.

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Lebanon Junction’s city hall is housed in a different building than the one that Lloyd Mattingly modeled, which is on view at Institute 193.

-Cat Wentworth, Director

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