Stephanie Dowda: Genius Loci Installation View





Thanks to the many who made the opening for “Genius Loci” a huge success (despite a torrential thunderstorm). Stephanie Dowda traveled all the way from Atlanta to exhibit photographs from her “Topophilia” body of work, including some new prints revealed for the first time at Institute 193.

“Genius loci,” Latin for “spirit of place,”  is aptly named; though the images were captured at locations all over the United States and beyond, they are all united by Dowda’s powerful ability to draw the energy of a physical place through a camera lens. Far beyond mere representational landscapes, the works exhibited in “Genius Loci” are fascinating products of the intersection of the mechanical and the spiritual. They are at once discernable and elusive.

Says Dowda of her work: “Places contain history, emotions and sensa- tions as energy which we experience as visceral feelings transmitted by the natural world. Through my photography, I capture this energy as light onto film.”

photo 1

Dowda (far left) talks about her work with keenly interested visitors.

photo 3 photo 5

photo 2

Crowd regulars, including Institute 193 artists Robert Beatty, Ma Turner, and J. T. Dockery (left) as well as Institute 193 intern Samantha Simpson (right). 

photo 4

“Genius Loci” will be on view at Institute 193 until May 16.

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