The Happy Maladies

On Sunday, March 15, Cincinnati acoustic chamber-folk quartet The Happy Maladies performed at Institute 193 as part of their tour for their newest album, Must Love Cats.


The Happy Maladies performed original music from their first two albums as well as songs from Must Love Cats, a collaborative project for which the group put out a composition call asking composers from across the country to write a piece of music for their unique ensemble of voices, violin, double bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and banjo. They chose the top five pieces to record for the album, which was fully funded by a Kickstarter campaign.



Eddy, Peter, Stephen, and Benjamin commanded the gallery space with a passionate performance, floating from melancholy to lighthearted and back again. Their original compositions demonstrated just as much technical prowess and commitment to innovation as did those from Must Love Cats. The experimental, eclectic, and often improvisational structure of the songs encouraged constant engagement on the audience’s part. As the Happy Maladies source a strong folk influence, the performance paired nicely with the T. A. Hay works surrounding them on the gallery walls.

Thank you to all who came to support The Happy Maladies and Institute 193.

For more information on The Happy Maladies or to purchase Must Love Cats, please visit

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