Mare Vaccaro: Multiple Personalities Installation

Mare Vaccaro: Multiple Personalities opened on March 4 at Institute 193.

In 1987, the US Congress officially declared March as Women’s History Month. Institute 193, in conjunction with this period of pointed national discussion, presents Multiple Personalities, a solo-exhibition by Mare Vaccaro. This exhibition focuses on Vacarro’s use of “self-portrait” photography and prop-construction to explore evolving notions of feminity, beauty, adornment and identity. Vaccaro has alopecia universalis, a genetic miscoded medical condition that renders her body completely hairless. She is thus able to manipulate her physical body as a blank canvas,adorning herself with various found and constructed objects. The result is a series of startling and beautiful images depicting the deconstructed female form in various settings and portrayed as different characters or personalities..The pressure to adorn oneself is perversely satisfied in Vaccaro’s work, calling into question the most basic standards of beauty and gender roles The final product is a gleeful triumph of the individual over society’s expectations or a revelatory acceptance of its overwhelming pressure.

The show features new work by Vaccaro in the form of large-format digital c-prints, sculptural harnesses and a video encased within a gilded mirror. Click on the artist’s name for additional images of Vaccaro’s work.

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