Institute 193 on ATL’s Sunday.


I was in New York last weekend and tagged along with Phillip March Jones (Mean Old Jonesie) during the installation of the Outsider Art Fair at Center 548 in Chelsea. I also attended the OAF in Paris this past October, lucky girl. Unfortunately, I had to leave NY before the opening of the fair on Thursday but I took some photos before I left.

Above: Blending in and acting natural with these St. EOM masks hanging in Institute 193‘s OAF booth.

I’m wearing my new leather jacket from Awoke Vintage in Williamsburg.

The beautiful Massengill family photos on Institute 193’s center wall. Eddie is trying to hang them in a straight line (he eventually succeeds).


193 booth. A Jessie Dunahoo quilted sculpture hangs on the outside wall.
Phillip March Jones getting things straight. I love these Albert Moser panoramic photographs on display in Galerie Christian Berst‘s booth. Lookin’ good Jones.
Favorite Albert Moser. I’m (kind of) helping. Also, check out my new Dolce Vita boots.
Thornton Dial piece above belonging to the main man, Andrew Edlin.
It was a treat to see some of the very interesting works presented by these great galleries, I only wish I would have had more time to see everything.
I guess I’ll have to wait for the next Outsider Art Fair…
Reposted from Sunday.

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