Institute 193: Volume One ARRIVES!


Institute 193: Volume One arrived today – fresh off the truck from our friends in Winnipeg, Canada (the world’s coldest place). After trying to deliver the books to several different locations – Carly Schnur’s house and a random sports arena in NYC – the freight delivery man finally dropped the books onto the street and graciously allowed us to carry them into the gallery one box at a time. 4500 pounds of books!

This is a LARGE book documenting Institute 193’s first three years of programming and includes works by:┬áLouis Zoellar Bickett, Bruce Burris, Robert Morgan, Mare Vaccaro, Guy Mendes, J.T. Dockery, Lina Tharsing, Mike Goodlett, Robert Beatty, Marvin Francis, Albert Moser, Colleen Toutant, Charles Williams, Jessie Dunahoo, SO-IL, Tommy Taylor, Travis Shaffer and Jonathan Williams. It was produced thanks to a generous grant from the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation. Stay tuned for ordering information and release events near you!


Pallet #1


Robert Beatty contemplating books.

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