Institute 193 featured on Burnaway

Burnaway–an Atlanta-based arts organization that provides critical coverage of contemporary art in the Southeast–recently published a series of features on their blog that highlight the arts community in Lexington, Kentucky. Institute 193 was included in nearly all of them:

The conceptual artist Louis Zoellar Bickett II wrote an insightful article about the history of Lexington and some of his favorite artists working in the region.

Lina Tharsing was the subject of an interview and a remote studio visit in which she discusses her artistic process and her upcoming exhibition at Poem 88 in Atlanta, GA.

Burnaway editors reviewed a selection of publications produced by Institute 193–including Robert Beatty’s zine Remains Street 4 and J.T. Dockery’s Spud Crazy.

Land of Tomorrow Gallery‘s Drura Parrish was interviewed about his fabrication and production business, some of his favorite exhibitions, and the future of Land of Tomorrow in Louisville and Lexington.

Institute 193 director Chase Martin wrote an article about Lexington’s cultural re-invigoration, highlighting the work of Robert Beatty and Mike Goodlett.

Look for a new publication from Burnaway soon, featuring the work of Lexington artists.

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