Stoner Creek Boys Reading/Performance

Bruce Burris stopped by the gallery on September 13 to read lyrics from Visionary Output, the new LP from The Stoner Creek Boys, a fictional band he created.

After recording a number of LPs in California in collaboration with dolphins from a research lab, they decided to move back to Fryman’s Landing on Stoner Creek near Paris, Kentucky. Their new album, Visionary Output, was recorded in the band’s “perceforme,” a massive, spherical research chamber anchored to the bottom of Stoner Creek with cables woven from native creek-side cane.

Burris was joined by the writer Whitney Baker and the artist Ashit Mitra, who performed their own interpretation of a selection of Stoner Creek Boys lyrics.

Learn more about the Stoner Creek Boys here. You can buy the Stoner Creek Boys Fanzine #7 in Institute 193’s SHOP.

Equipment from the UC Santa Cruz dolphin research facility.

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