The One Nail Gallery is a collaboration between Institute 193 and Latitude Artist Community that aims to create a dialogue between regional contemporary artists and Latitude artists–who are “thought by some to have a disability.” The Institute selects an artist to display his or her work on a dedicated wall at Latitude’s studio on Saunier Street in Lexington, KY. He or she also spends the afternoon at Latitude, swapping ideas and culling inspiration from the individuals there. Funded by the Catherine Cropper Foundation, the exchange is creating a deliberate bridge between the Latitude community and the broader regional art community, and impacting the work of everyone involved.

Today, Lina Tharsing discussed her sources of inspiration and artistic process with a small group of Latitude artists. Afterwards, the group worked together to build a shadowbox inspired by Tharsing’s work. One Latitude artist was even inspired to write a poem based on Tharsing’s art–exactly the kind of creative exchange the One Nail Gallery was intended to provide.

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